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Composite propeller KA-3 dia.1680mm

The propeller KA-3 is in flight adjustable propeller, suitable to use on UL planes, especially for Rotax engines 912S, 914.

Propeller KA-3 - is producing with a new profile for higher speed of plane and form for better refrigeration of plane. Is suitable for aircraft of designed speed 300 km/hours.

Propeller blade is made of composite materials. When a blade is producing the color is sprayed directly into the form, so the color becomes the part of blade. It has abrasion resistant surface and is UV resistant.

The leading edge of blade is protected by POLYURETAN surface, which doesn´t get harmed by little tiny pebbles (usually seen on airfield) because of its good toughness.

All mechanical parts are made of high quality materials, important parts have been successsfully tested of any defects.

Standard set includes setting lever for cocpit and cylinder for engine. Any other systems of control like full-automatic one you will find at paragraph called ADJUSTING at this website.
Set of screw and another components needed for mounting make also a standard set.

Recommended type of propeller:

into 73kW (100HP) 2blades prop.
into 86kW (114HP) 3blades prop.


KA - 3 / 2 - P A

KA-3.......type of propeller
/ 2 ........nr. of blades
- P .......turn direction (P - right, L - left)
A .......type of prop. (A - pull, T - push)

Spacing of holes 101,6 mm.